Webinar Series with Dr. Chris Hoffner Barthold

DSANV is proud to present a three part webinar series with Dr. Chris Hoffner Barthold, a Behavior Analyst from George Mason University! We are excited to collaborate with Chris to facilitate webinars that address the unique challenges of quarantining at home while parenting a child who has a developmental disability. The webinars will be offered across three sessions. If you are not able to attend a specific session, you can find a recording of the presentation on our website afterwards.


About Chris

Chris is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral (BCBA-D™) who has a passion for helping people to be their best selves. She has been working with individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages for over 25 years, and received her BCBA in 2007. In addition, Chris has worked with organizational behavior change as well as supervision and management. For the past 7 years, Chris has been a faculty member at George Mason University, coordinating teaching courses in the Applied Behavior Analysis program. She believes that a good academic should also practice and stay current in the field. She calls it being “on the ground floor of the Ivory Tower.”

In addition to being a BCBA-D, Chris holds certifications as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach from the American Council on Exercise, Compassion Fatigue Professional and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.


Session One: Structuring your day while the kids are at home

One of the most challenging aspects of staying at home is creating a schedule to help structure your child’s day. In this workshop, we will address the mechanics of creating a schedule for your family. We will especially focus on making visual schedules, and we will review a number of examples with suggestions for how they could be integrated into your home.


Session Two: Promoting appropriate behavior at home

Now more than ever, we need easy strategies to promote appropriate behavior and peace at home. In this workshop, we will be talking about reinforcing appropriate behavior. We’ll discuss why reinforcement is different than giving bribes, why it works better than punishing inappropriate behavior, selecting good reinforcers, and using them appropriately. We’ll also bust some myths around reinforcement.


Session Three: Promoting appropriate behavior at home II — Using token systems

While this workshop is Part II, it is not necessary to attend the first one to benefit.  We will discuss a specific type of reinforcement – the token system. We will talk about how to set up an effective token system, selecting tokens, and common errors seen when using tokens. After this presentation, you should be able to implement a simple system in your home that is customized to your needs.

Schedule of Sessions

April 23rd at 3 pm: Webinar One — Structuring Your Day while the Kids Are Home


Video of presentation

May 7th at 7:30 pm: Webinar Two — Using Reinforcements to Promote Appropriate Behavior


Video of presentation

May 14th at 3:00 pm: Webinar Three — Using a Token System


Video of presentation