Wellness and Recreation


Age Group Served

Dates Offered

MS-HS, Adult S-A

Monthly (3rd Wednesdays)

Monthly (1st Fridays)

All Ages

Oct 6, 2024

Elem, MS-HS

Dates and Location for 2024 TBD

All Ages

2023 Date TBD

All Ages

April 28, 2024

Spring Sprint – 5K Run/Fun Run and Walk – Occoquan Regional Park

All Ages


April 21, 2024

Book Club Activities and Challenges.

Book Club

Elem, MS-HS, Adult S-A

All Year

MS-HS, Adult S-A

All Year

Education and Skills

MS-HS, Adult S-A, Parent, Cmty


Adult S-A, MS-HS, Elem

All Year

MS-HS, Adult S-A, Parent

All Year

MS-HS, Adult S-A

Offered typically in the Fall and Spring for a six week session.

Elem, Parent

10/14/23, 11/18/23, 12/2/23*, 1/6/24 – canceled due to inclement weather; make up date 2/24 online, 2/10/24, 3/9/24, 4/13/24, 5/11/24, 6/1/24*12/2/23 class is an online only parent class

Parents/Family Support



Inf-Tod, Parents



Parent to Parent Support 

Parents/Adult Siblings

On Demand; For one-on-one parent support, please contact DSANV Director of Parent Support at 703-621-7129 or

Parent Webinars

Parent, Cmty

Throughout Year

Play Groups (by County)

Inf-Tod, Parent

Year Round

Key of Age Group Served

Inf-Tod – Infant and Toddlers 0-5

Elem – Elementary aged 5-13

MS-HS – Middle school and High school aged 13-18

Adult S-A -Self-Advocates (individuals with an intellectual/developmental disability, or IDD) aged 18+

Parent – All ages

Cmty – Community all ages