In It Together

As we pass the two-month mark of the Stay at Home order, we can all enumerate things we’ve missed and hopefully identify a few silver linings as well. At DSANV, one of the things we miss is seeing your faces as we’ve been forced to cancel all spring gatherings and convert the remaining spring programs to allow for virtual delivery. With summer around the corner, staff and volunteers are busy restructuring all remaining 2020 programming for the option of virtual delivery in case restrictions are not yet lifted, or are imposed for a second time, and to support cases where individual families are ready to participate but not yet ready to resume face-to-face contact. We developed a Family Resource Guide that includes links to COVID-19 relief information and financial resources. Board members are in the process of reaching out to families directly to hear first-hand what challenges they may be facing and to put them in touch with resources. All of these activities are designed to ensure DSANV can continue to support you, our members, during the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Thanks to all who have donated to the In it Together campaign! We are off to a good start in ensuring our small non-profit remains viable in the current economic environment. I hope you will watch a short video from Vice President Justin Knapp who shares what DSANV has meant to his family ( and consider making a donation or encouraging others to invest in our future together. Sincerely, Mary C. Ford Executive Director For further information about resources from DSANV and other community organization, please view our Parent Resources Webpage.

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