DSANV Virtual Cooking Club

Since the onset of COVID-19, everybody is experiencing a sense of isolation, so we have created the Virtual Cooking  Challenge. All DSANV members are welcome to participate.

The DSANV Cooking Club is based on the tenets of maximizing choice, ensuring hands on engagement, using adaptations (as needed to ensure safety) and promoting families cooking together.

Every two weeks there will be a new Virtual Cooking Challenge from March 18 – June 24.

The second Cooking Challenge will be from April 1 – April 15. The second challenge will be making warm lunches. Some warm lunch ideas include:

BBQ Chicken  Chicken Cordon Bleu  Meatball Sub  Caesar Salad Tacos

During COVID-19 stay at home time, everybody is trying to conserve food and reduce stress. These recipes can be made for lunch and leftovers can be eaten at dinner too. If you go to the DSANV Cooking Club  page you can be connected to You Tube videos for each recipe. Feel free to share your own recipes, the Virtual Cooking Challenge is meant to foster a sense of community during this unprecedented time. So please consider submitting your recipes, pictures, Powerpoints and videos to stacy.engels@dsanv.org.

The first Virtual Cooking Challenge will be making Breakfast and this challenge will be held from March 18 – April 1. The Breakfast Challenge includes the following options:

Overnight Oats, Breakfast Casseroles, Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast

Feel free to adapt the recipes to fit any dietary restrictions or preferences. Send pictures of your culinary creations to stacy.engels@dsanv.org and they will posted on the DSANV website and social media.

Below is a list of DSANV Virtual Cooking Club Challenges:

First Challenge March 18- April 1: Breakfasts – warm and cold ideas
Second Challenge April 1 – April 15: Lunches – warm ideas
Third Challenge April 15 – April 29: Dinners – warm ideas
Fourth Challenge April 29 – May 13: Snacks – protein packed; vegetarian; portable
Fifth Challenge May 13 – May 27: Lunches – cold ideas
Sixth Challenge May 27 – June 10: Dinners – cold ideas
Seventh Challenge June 10 – June 24: Snacks/Desserts – make ahead; gluten-free; summer ideas

Sample Cooking Club Recipes

DSANV thanks Janice Goldschmidt, educator and author of the foundational text we use in our Cooking Club, for sharing the recipes she has compiled in her work at Community Support Services, Inc.: here

BBQ Chicken
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Meatball Sub/Caesar Salad

Click on images to view You Tube videos. Each video includes a link to a pictorial recipe as well.

Here is a Powerpoint made by Sophia and Jeanette Puritano. Sophia presented this Powerpoint at a Cooking Club class that she and her Mom led together. The Powerpoint shows the multitude of options you have when you make tacos.