In 2011, DSANV launched a Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome group. The purpose of D.A.D.S. is to assist and support, through fellowship and action, the fathers and families of individuals with Down syndrome.

Veteran and new fathers of children with Down syndrome are invited to the Northern Virginia (DSANV) chapter of Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome (D.A.D.S.) Meeting are typically scheduled once a month; usually the third Tuesday of most months.


Just a reminder for busy dads, our next meeting is Tuesday, March 19th, at Ireland’s Four Provinces in Falls Church. We’ll gather for dinner and conversation between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. So far, I’ve heard from just three dads about making the meeting. I hope a lot more than that will show up. Please let me know, if you plan to make it, so I get a big enough table.

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As a reminder, here’s a schedule for the rest of the school year:

December – DSANV Holiday Party TBD

January 16th (Tuesday)

February 15th (Thursday)

March 19th (Tuesday)  <–  Note that this is a corrected date 

April 18th (Thursday) 

May 21st (Tuesday)


Contact the local coordinator by email for more information.

Dads of children with Down’s Syndrome:

Please join us on Facebook and check out the DADS national website.

“Share what you know, learn what you don’t.”