DADS Meeting Dates 2024



I checked with Ireland’s Four Provinces and they are open today (1/16/24).  Accordingly, please join me tonight at 7:00 for dinner and discussion.  


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Future Meetings are:

February 15th (Thursday)| March 18th (Tuesday)| April 18th (Thursday) |May 21st (Tuesday)


Proposed Dates DADS (Dads appreciating Down syndrome) meetings 7:00 -9:00 PM

September 21st (Thursday)

October 17th (Tuesday)

November 16th (Thursday)

December – DSANV Holiday Party TBD

January 16th (Tuesday)

February 15th (Thursday)

March 18th (Tuesday)

April 18th (Thursday) 

May 21st (Tuesday)

If interested, contact George

From George:

My assumption is that we will host all meetings at Ireland’s Four Provinces in Falls Church, unless indicated otherwise well in advance.  You may note that the dates alternate between Thursdays and Tuesdays to accommodate the Dads, who have standing meetings on one or the other day.