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DSANV Cooking Club

Each class will meet from 10:00am – 12:00pm on the following five Saturdays: 
Nov 2nd | Nov 23rd | Dec 14th | Jan 18th | Feb 1st

DSANV Cooking Club GraphicDSANV is proud to continue our Cooking Club, a new self-help program we’ve developed to get families living with IDD cooking together and including the family member with IDD in the process. Cooking Club Part II classes will be led by self-advocates and their parent/guardians who are graduates of the inaugural Cooking Club. As leaders they will chose recipes, shop for ingredients and help set up the cafeteria for their session. We invite parent/child pairs to join us onsite at cafeteria in Oakton, VA where we will:

  • Provide each pair with an award winning book that covers making healthy eating choices as well as teaching cooking skills to individuals with IDD.
  • Provide a set of adaptive tools and handouts with additional resources.

The course will offer hands on training for meals that can be prepared without a heating element such as salads and sandwiches. The goal is to let the individuals with IDD test drive the various adapted tools while covering some basics of meal preparation to include:

  • Reading a recipe
  • Measuring
  • Opening packages
  • Food safety (hand washing, cleaning the work area before and after)