DSANV Cooking Club

The DSANV Cooking Club is based on the tenets of maximizing choice, ensuring hands on engagement, using adaptations (as needed to ensure safety) and promoting families cooking together.

Since the onset of COVID-19, everybody is experiencing a sense of isolation, so we have created the Virtual Cooking Challenge. All DSANV members are welcome to participate.

Our hands on classes are led by self-advocate graduates of the DSANV Cooking Club and a family member partner. Leaders choose recipes, shop for ingredients, and help set up the cafeteria for their session. In March 2020 we are launching our virtual Cooking Club to all registered DSANV members.

The DSANV Cooking Club is based on the award winning text, Teaching Authentic Cooking Skills to Adults with with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Active Engagement by Janice Goldschmidt which:

    • Promotes healthy eating habits and teaches important life skills to promote independence and self-determination
    • Supplies information on adapted cooking tools and techniques
    • Covers meal preparation basics like reading a recipe, measuring, opening packaging, and food safety

Chef of the month:

Mia Phares

Chef Biographies


Ana Sohr| Kaitlyn Wiley | Catherine Buehler | Jessica Hall |  

Sofia Puritano | Charlotte Woodward | Rachel O’Donnell | Catherine Galdo 

Sample Cooking Club Recipes

DSANV thanks Janice Goldschmidt, educator and author of the foundational text we use in our Cooking Club, for sharing the recipes she has compiled in her work at Community Support Services, Inc.: here

BBQ Chicken
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Meatball Sub/Caesar Salad

Click on images to view a You Tube recipe video . Each video also includes a link to pictorial recipe.

During the second Cooking Club, Sofia and Jeanette Puritano created a Powerpoint that shows all the options of tortillas and toppings you can use when making tacos.