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Fall Book Club

Four Sessions, the second Tuesday of each month from 7:30 – 8:30 pm
September 12
October 10
November 14
December 12
2023 Challenges

Hello DSANV Readers,

  • It’s November, and here’s the challenge:

Draw a hand turkey, see above or create one using a program like Canva. On each finger write five things that you’re thankful for in your life.

Submit your pictures to by November 22 to be featured on social media for Thanksgiving.

I keep track of all Book Club points, so if you haven’t participated in book club challenges or activities in a while, you can submit a challenge and it will be added to your points. Challenges are worth 5 points, and activities (online programs) are worth 2 points. The Book Club is three years old, and to simplify things, we’re going to bring everyone’s points back to zero in 2024.

We have a fun holiday online activity worth two points on December 6, Holiday Story Time and Sing Along.


Anyone who who gets over 10 points for the first time will receive a DSANV Book Bag, plus a $10 gift card. Anyone, who enters a new “decade” will get a $10 Amazon gift card via email.

Submit your pictures to by October 28 to be featured in the November newsletter, Everyone who submits pictures by October 28 will have a chance to be featured on DSANV social media and on the DSANV Book Club web page.

Anyone who hasn’t participated in DSANV Book Club activities and challenges for over a year has been taken off the list. But, no fear, everyone is always invited to re-activate their involvement in the DSANV Book Club.

DSANV recommends that everybody read the inspirational auto biography, More Alike Than Different. David is a long time DSANV member and serves as a Board Member. Follow this link to buy the book on Amazon. The National Down Syndrome Society, NDSS recommends that every member of Congress read David’s book.

Click here to watch a recording of an online webinar that David and his mother Kathleen conducted in July, 2020

Here is a recent interview with David  on CBS News.

Sign up for an online conversation with David on September 22 at 7:00 pm

Reading Lists

He has LOVED Gary Paulsen historical fiction books. These are so well written I often find myself reading ahead a chapter.” -Gary Steele

I forgot to mention musicals and script reading, from Annie to Hamilton to Wicked.  There are books, films, shows, audio books, online scripts, CDs, and more!!!!” – Tia Marsili

My daughter Ellie is 16, We are expanding our movies and book combo into the super hero marvel universe and the star wars world as well.  We are using the stage 1-3 readers.” – Dianne


Books Suggestions by Age

Other Related Resources

TTAC Online: The Technical Assistance Center.  A community sharing resources to educate students with disabilities. Summer Literacy Supports

Printable Monthly Reading Challenges and Point Tracker

Click here to access a printable version of the list of the Monthly Reading Challenges.

Click here to access the DSANV Reading Challenge Point Tracker