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Monthly Challenges

During each season, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, the DSANV Book Club will feature a new set of Challenges and Activities. Challenges can be done independently and will be offered monthly. Activities are hour long online sessions facilitated by DSANV Volunteers and Staff. During each season, Book Club members can earn up to 10 points which earns you a DSANV Book Club Goody Bag which will be mailed to your home.

Here is how the point system works:

Each Completed Challenge equals  5 points, Each completed activity equals 2 points. A maximum of 10 points can be earned for each season: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. But points carry to the next season. For example if you earn 12 points over the Summer, you have two points that carry over to the Fall. Each season you can earn ONE DSANV Book Club Goody Bag. We’ll change up the goodies up each season.

Every time a Book Club member signs up and attends an online activity, they earn two points.

Book Club – Summer Challenges, the challenges can be adapted to any reading level. For example, Pre- K Children, and non-readers of any age are invited to do these challenges. The DSANV Book Club wants to encourage all individuals to develop love of reading with family, friends or caretakers. If you complete two challenges, you will earn a DSANV Book Club Goody Bag.

  MAY – Make a Book Collage

  Using old magazines, pick out and/or cut out pictures, that represent the characters and events that 

 happened in the story. Send a picture of your collage to

JUNE – Read a historical novel or a Biography

Dress up as a character from the book

Have somebody record you reading a paragraph, or somebody can read the paragraph for you from the book. Submit the recording or pictures to

JULY – See how many of these places you can read a book, or someone can read a book to you.

Read to a pet Read to a sibling or cousin

  • Read under a tree, on a blanket.
  • Read on a rainy day
  • Read outside with a flashlight.
  • Read in a Yoga pose
  • Read to your family after dinner.
  • Read on vacation
  • Read in a funny voice

Submit pictures and videos to

AUGUST – Read a book, or have someone read you a book and then watch the movie. Write a list of ways that the movie is different than the book.

Are the characters different?

Do the characters look different than you expected?

How does the story differ between the book and the movie?

Submit your responses to

Similar to the DSANV Cooking Club, we’ll display these pictures, with the parent’s approval, on our web site and social media.

We’re also looking for fun ways that people can share their “challenges” with the DSANV Book Club.

  • A Shared Google Folder
  • A Private YouTube Channel
  • A DSANV Flipgrid Account

Monthly Activities:



Online with RingCentral and Volunteers

Online with RingCentral and Volunteers

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Reading Lists

He has LOVED Gary Paulsen historical fiction books. These are so well written I often find myself reading ahead a chapter.” -Gary Steele

I forgot to mention musicals and script reading, from Annie to Hamilton to Wicked.  There are books, films, shows, audio books, online scripts, CDs, and more!!!!” – Tia Marsili

My daughter Ellie is 16, We are expanding our movies and book combo into the super hero marvel universe and the star wars world as well.  We are using the stage 1-3 readers.” – Dianne


Books Suggestions by Age

Other Related Resources

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Printable Monthly Reading Challenges and Point Tracker

Click here to access a printable version of the list of the Monthly Reading Challenges 

Click here to access the DSANV Reading Challenge Point Tracker