Advocacy Program

The Advocacy Program began in 2021 and is led by self-advocate, and DSANV Board Member, Charlotte Woodward. The goal of the program is to help educate members on why advocacy is important and to introduce the many organizations engaged in disability advocacy in the National Capital Region. 

The Advocacy Program is led by DSANV Board Member Charlotte Woodward.

Join us on Thursday June 24* – 6:30 – 7:30 pm online to hear from Shay Ruff, a self-advocate coach.

*Date changed from 6/20 to 6/24

Register here for the June 24th online program.

Recording from the April 4 Advocacy Meeting, featuring David and Kathleen Egan.

Charlotte created an Advocacy Tool Kit. The Tool Kit provides suggestions and links on how you can become an ADVOCATE for the Down Syndrome community. With a little bit of work anyone can become an Advocate.

Beyond 6 Seconds is an award-winning podcast that features extraordinary stories from neurodivergent people — entrepreneurs, creators, advocates & more — that shatter misconceptions, break stigma and showcase the vibrance and diversity of this community.

Down syndrome advocate David Egan describes his experience as the first person with an intellectual disability to serve as a Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Public Policy Fellow on Capitol Hill.

Hear more on my latest episode at .