Our Vision: A day in which every person with Down syndrome is a valued and contributing member of their community.


DSANV’s mission is to ensure individuals with Down syndrome, and their families, receive the support necessary to participate in, contribute to and achieve fulfillment of life in their communities. 


DSANV was originally founded as MOMS in 1972. In the early 80s, the name was changed to Parents of Down Syndrome (PODS). In 2004, we became the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia (DSANV). Since then, we have grown to more than 900 members representing the thousands of individuals across Northern Virginia who have Down syndrome.

DSANV has become a trusted resource for individuals with Down syndrome and their families and friends in Northern Virginia. Our organization engages a strong board of directors and a broad base of volunteer and financial support in achieving our mission.

DSANV has a history of success in:

  • Helping families adjust to a diagnosis and the birth of a child with Down syndrome;
  • Providing individuals with Down syndrome and their families with educational and self-help programs;
  • Providing social and recreational events for individuals with Down syndrome and their families to meet, interact and learn from each other;
  • Increasing community awareness of the capabilities and contributions of individuals with Down syndrome;
  • Partnering with local, national, and international organizations that provide services to individuals with Down syndrome.