Every person with Down syndrome is a valued.


Support, such as services or programs, for parents and caregivers of children with Down syndrome.

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Programs aim to teach parents of children with Down syndrome to be effective first teachers.

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See how you can be involved in the Down syndrome community and meet more of your peers.

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DSANV has become a trusted resource for individuals with Down syndrome and their families and friends in Northern Virginia. Our organization engages a strong board of directors and a broad base of volunteer and financial support to achieve our mission of ensuring individuals with Down syndrome, and their families, receive the support they need to participate in, contribute to and achieve fulfillment of life in their communities. 

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Employment Summit

As many small businesses continue to face challenges in meeting their staffing needs, there is an often-overlooked labor market with significant potential: individuals living with developmental disabilities.

Down Syndrome and Sleep Apnea Study

The NIH has set aside funding to allow for research to better our understanding of sleep apnea in children with Down Syndrome. One study includes an oxygen trial for children that have not been able to tolerate cpap and are not candidates for other surgeries. Dr. Baldassari wants to make sure that families are aware there are new treatment options available.